Sign and Space Calligraphy

by Bokushin - 16 October 2015

Sign and Space in the Eastern and Western calligraphy
with Norio Nagayama and Monica Dengo
Turin, Italy

Course: Calligraphy workshop
Where: Turin, NW Italy
Dates: September 4th to 11th, 2016
Appropriate for: Practitioners of both traditions are welcome however no previous experience is required
Venue: Collegio San Giuseppe, our campus located in the heart of the city
Time: The workshop will start at 3.00pm on September 4th and ends at 5:30pm on September 10th. Daily activities will start at 9:00am and finish at 5:30pm. An Exhibition of the artists’ works will be held at the end of the course. All materials Included in the workshop’s cost.
Tutors: Norio Nagayama and Monica Dengo
Course structure: 3+3 plus half day meeting in between with the two artists.

Course description
This course, aimed at opening an exchange with Eastern calligraphy, the Sho-Do, offers elements that can establish connections between two extremely different calligraphic cultures.
Monica Dengo’s course
It will all start from the action that comes from handwriting and develops into a research of calligraphic lettering. We will work on the sign characteristics, its speed, depth or lightness and then we will be handling space, emptiness. Guided by fluid alphabetic forms, less restricted by the rigid rules of readability, we will be able to orient the attention to the dynamic relation between line and space. Students will learn to let the word develop into a composition where every sign originates from the relation with the previous sign, in an infinite game of balance.
“For years I have been drawn by the research of a different relation between person and writing. I started from the idea that writing is the act of expressing ones thought with the gesture of a pen, although the final product is not readable in its semantic contents.
The final question is: Is a Western way to hand-writing possible? Can we, through a deeper understanding of the Eastern calligraphic culture, discover unknown aspects of ours? My course is a metamorphosis”.

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