Welcome to Bokushin Oriental Calligraphy Association

by Bokushin - 30 October 2013

On a white sheet of rice paper a brush distributes black ink

Dark lines – soft, sinuous, decisive, vital, biting – seem to settle on the empty page, at random…

To the more discerning eye, however, an order in the composition is at once apparent; relationships emerge, harmonious and discordant, between the filled and empty spaces; a rhythm can be glimpsed, a fluency of movement, whose intensity varies. Yet something else is also apparent: what the Chinese refer to with the wordshenyun. Translated literally, it means “enchantment of the spirit”.

We are standing before a work of sho, a work of calligraphy…

“Shodo. La via della scrittura kaisho. Lo stile fondamentale”
Norio Nagayama (Editore: Nuovi Equilibri)

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  1. Akiko Okayama

    Tres emu a votre exhibision a Tokyo cet ete 2014..
    Est-ce qu’il y a des membres a Tokyo?
    Et puis vous pourriez m’adresser les information si,il y aura Des exhibision au Japon?
    (Excusez-moi de ne savoir ecrire l’italien)

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